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Antaños del Carmen

(Located in front of the Hotel). It has two floors, with capacity on the first floor as follows:

  • Type U: capacity of approximately 40 people
  • School Type: Approximately 60-70 people
  • Auditorium Type: approximately 120 people
  • Banquet Type: approximately 150 people

On the second floor, it is like an L, they generally use it for a work group.

El Patio de Mi Viejo

(Located in front of the Hotel). It has two rooms, one with air conditioning with capacity as follows:

  • Type U :  Capacity of approximately 32-36. 40 is possible but with one more line outside the U
  • School Type: Approximately 40-50 people
  • Auditorium Type: Approximately 100 people
  • Banquet Type: Approximately 80 people inside and 40 outside 

The outer part is generally used to serve snacks or for work groups.

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